A playground a day- day 2 Blenheim Palace


So here goes with day 2

Playground name  Blenheim Palace

Location Blenheim Palace Woodstock Oxfordshire

Day and time of visit Monday 11-4

Parking yes

Toilets  yes


So Blenheim isn’t really somewhere you go just for the playground, but it is half way between Leicester and Southampton making it the ideal location to meet my old school friend and her two daughters. Blenheim is a stunning stately home, the childhood hope of Sir Winston Churchill, it boasts a lake, a maze, and a Champagne bar as well as two adventure playgrounds, a butterfly house and a maze. Yes it is expensive the first time you visit but your entry ticket is actually an annual pass so then you can visit as often as you like AND you can use Tesco clubcard vouchers to pay.

The main adventure playground includes a large sandpit and small play structure with ladder, mini fireman’s pole and slide for under 7’s. Adjacent to this is a massive play structure with scrabble nets, rope ladders, conventional ladders, balance beams, swings and a slide. I had a very proud mummy moment when my nearly 6 year old demonstrated how well she could swing without being pushed. My 2 year old then decided to see what happens if you let go when swinging and face planted into the bark chippings below. All four of the children (aged 6, 5 and 51/52, 2 and 1) loved this play structure. With a little help even the one year old could climb up the steps, over the bridges and go down the slide. As for the mummies, we loved that there is a coffee shop which does takeaway only a few yards away and benches to sit on whilst we put the world to rights.


There is far too much to do in one day at Blenheim, we were there 5 hours today and didn’t go into the main house, the children’s craft area or the lake. It was our 3rd visit in 8 months and though we’ve been to the playground before we have tried to do something different each trip. We will be back again before the summer holidays are over!


ps I forgot there is a free train to take you from the entrance to the adventure playground.

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