A playground a day- day 3 Glebe Meadow


Name of playground Glebe Meadow

Location Between Portal rd and Riverside Bishopstoke

Day and time of visit Tuesday morning

Parking on Riverside

Toilets no but The Anglers pub and The old anchor doctors surgery are close and have toilets


Glebe meadow is probably the playground closest to our house, it is also the one we have visited most. The enclosed play area was revamped less than 3 years ago and includes 2 different climbing structures for younger children and older children. There is also an accessible roundabout, some baby swings, a bouncing chair and a mini roundabout. Helpfully there are also picnic benches and litter bins in this area. The children liked climbing up the scramble net and going down the big slide. They weren’t so impressed with the graffiti or the broken bridge support.


One of the best things about Glebe Meadow is that as well as the enclosed play area for younger children it also has skateboard ramps, basketball hoops, a large bucket swing and plenty of space for ball playing/ frisbee throwing. In winter we enjoy sledging here too. There have been problems in the past with teenage drinking and broken glass being left at Glebe meadow. Today there was little evidence of this except for a police community support officer who was chatting to the children and teenagers at the park.


I love Glebe Meadow, we are very lucky to have it on our doorstep. It may not be the most adventurous playground but its local and its clean and tidy, a great place to visit  for a few minutes on our way home from the doctors or the corner shop. Today the 4 children that we went with spent most of their time climbing the magic tree and running across the skateboard ramps.


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