A playground a day – day 4 Sayers Road

Name of playground Sayers Road
Location Sayers Road Bishopstoke
Day and time of visit Wednesday 3pm
Parking on Sayers rd
Toilets no
This is our other local playground and is between school and home so we visit frequently. There is one large enclosed area with different play equipment separated by grass and paths. Around the perimeter of the playground is a tarmacced path ideal for beginner bike and scooter riding. This is where both of my children have practised riding their balance bikes, the path is wide with shallow corners making it easy to steer round.
There is a variety of play equipment including this rather abstract play structure


My elder daughter had lots of fun traversing this structure, reaching, stretching and balancing to get from one side to the other. I love that this structure encourages children to think and is not prescriptive.
My children also really enjoyed the stand up see saw

I like that there is a variety of equipment for all ages including a small slide and baby swings, a rotating tyre swing, a bucket swing, a stand up roundabout and a 3 way seesaw.

Unfortunately despite there being 4 litter bins in the playground there still seemed to be an abundance of cigarette butts and litter around. If this wasn’t my local playground I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit, there are nicer parks in the area.

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