A playground a day: Church rd Bishopstoke


Name of playground Stoke common
Location Church rd Bishopstoke
Toilets No
Parking On street
Dogs allowed There is nothing saying you can’t…
This park has literally just been refurbished and is 100 times better than it used to be.


This play structure is brilliant, with at least 6different ways of reaching the top there is something for everyone. My 6 year old loved climbing up the ‘holely’ wall and across the scrabble net, my friend’s 2 year old liked going up the steps and over the wobbly bridge. It really is a great example of how one play structure can meet the needs of multiple ages.
There is also a new zip wire

A balance trail with a stop watch to time yourself.


A basket swing and toddler swings.

A ‘


A wobbly seesaw, basketball hoop and noughts and crosses game.



Unfortunately there is also



Overall we loved this playground, if there wasn’t a big hill to walk up to get there we would visit often. I’m also disappointed to see that the refurbishment hadn’t extended to repainting the rusty gate, removing barbed wire and putting up signs indicating dogs are not allowed. With a little more money and thought this playground could be great. Bishopstoke parish council get your act together.


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